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UPS & Inverter

Are you looking for low frequency online UPS for your home, office, apartment or shop? Let us introduce you the finest range of online low frequency UPS available here at Baykee. We are an international brand focused on serving the Pakistani community in power sector. Our UPS products are made with state of the art technology and have superior features than any other. Our products come with advanced features such as intelligent battery management, advanced digital circuitry system, load characteristics, alarm functionality and option input filter. We are the largest growing electronics company with a number of patents to its name, get your power sources managed with our most advanced products. 

Transformer-based 1/1 Phase UPS 1kVA to 30kVA
MP1100 Series - (MP1101K-MP1130K)
Baykee’s low frequency online UPS come with 1kVA to 30kVA power capacity. Offering latest in town features such a adjustable input and output voltages. These low frequency online UPS are best for any commercial or residential duty. 1. Adjustable input & output voltage, Frequency 2. Double conversion online ups 3. 1/1 phase 1kva 2kva 3kva capacity 4. Provide high quality and low price 5. LED+LCD simple display. View Datasheet
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3/3 Phase UPS System 10kVA to 600kVA
CHP 3000 Series - (CHP3010K-CHP3600K)
Featured with digital control technique, SMD technology, 6th gen inverter technology and excellent load features Baykee brings 3 phase UPS systems. Available with a capacity of 10kVA to 600kVA, these UPS systems offer optional 12pulse wave rectifier, internal bypass and 2-years of warranty. 1. Phase: 3 Phase+N+G 2. Input voltage: 380V±25% or option 208V±25% 3. protection level: IP31 4. Warranty: at least 2 years 5. Support customization 6. Easy maintenance and operation. View Datasheet
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3/1 Phase UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 6kVA-120kVA
MP3100 Series -( MP3106K-MP31120K)
Our 3/1 phase Uninterrupted power supply with a power capacity of 6kVA to 120kVA is the perfect answer to all your power solutions. Equipped with ultra modern 6th den IGBT module and digital control system, we also offer 2 years of warranty.

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