UPS & Inverter

Are you looking to manage your power sources? Let us introduce you to the world’s finest high frequency UPS range of the world. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for single phase, double phase or three phase, we have the state of art and latest inventory for you to offer. Get the most latest and advanced power backup supplies from the China’s largest manufacturer of electrical products. We are known as the pioneer name in China’s power management product supplies. Now entering into the Pakistan to better serve the community with our state of the high frequency online UPS range.

V Series PWM
V Series PWM output
  • CPU controlled.
  • Auto re-starts.
  • Silence setup.
  • Automatic charging(offline charging).
  • Battery Low Voltage protection.
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • Wide input voltage range.
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SL Series
Line-interactive Pure sine wave
  • Double CPU controlled
  • Silence function
  • Silence setup.
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Compatiable with generator
  • Automatically transferred to battery mode when input over voltage or under voltage
  • Output overload & short circuit protection
  • Can be connected to external battery for longer power supply
  • Powerful charging current for High capacity battery
  • RJ11/RJ45, communication line protection function
  • RS232/USB port(optional), intelligent monitoring function
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RTL Series
Line-interactive Pure Sine Wave
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Double CPU controlled
  • G-Sensor auto rotation LCD display
  • Extensible battery pack
  • Battery Low Voltage protection.
  • Poverful charging function(self settable)
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single phase transformer-less 1kva,2kva,3kva onlin
This single phase HS series intelligent transformer less UPS from Baykee is the perfect solution to all your power problems. Equipped with industries most demanding features, it offers greater life time and smart management of power. Available in 1kVA, 2kVA and 3kVA variants with power rating going up to 2400W, it is the perfect solution to all problems. 1. online double conversion type 2. wide input voltage range 110V-300V 3. PFC (power factor correction) 4.compatible with generator 5. small volume, light weight and high effic
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Single phase transformer-less online 6kva, 10kva u
Offering the powerful solutions to your electricity problems, Baykee offers its single phase transformer less 6 -10kVA range of UPS. Made for reliability and equipped with highest technology such as 16-bit high speed CPU control, it offers zero transfer time. Available as 4800W and 8000W and equipped with LCD control feature it is the ultimate option for any commercial or business use. 1. online double conversion type 2. wide input voltage range 110V-300V 3. PFC (power factor correction) 4.compatible with generator 5. small volume, light weight and high effic
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3/1 phase transformer-less online 10kva, 15kva, 20
For a set of bigger problems, Baykee offers 3/1 phase UPS backup system with capacity ranging from 10 -20kVA. The UPS offers 3/1 phase transformer less technology with 16-bit high speed CPU control for better management of electricity. It is available in power watt capacity of 8000W to 1600W. 1. double conversion true online type 2. wide input voltage range 220V-478V 3. 35 degree adjustable LCD display panel 4. small volume, light weight and high efficiency 5. capa
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3 phase transformer-less online ups 10kva-200kva
This pure 3 phase UPS backup system is a perfect choice for high level power problems. Offering the power capacity from 10kVA to 200kVA and power watt capacity of up to 60KW, it provides ultimate power backup to large companies. Also, it is made on modular design and offers the lowest of maintenance time as low as 10min. 1. 3 phase ture online conversion structure 2. Input power factor 0.99, efficiency>96% 3. Wide input voltage range 200V-482VAC 4. Modular design, maintenance time is about 10min
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