Solar Products
Power surge in Pakistan is one of the biggest problems for the country’s corporate and residential sector. Are you suffering from the electricity shortage too? Solar system is the best and most affordable solution. Baykee is proud to announce its high-end solar inverter range intended and especially manufactured keeping in mind the needs of Pakistan’s corporate as well as residential sector. We are the China’s largest electronics manufacturer stepping into Pakistani power sector. Our solar inverter range is equipped with the most latest and high tech features that are especially tailored for power surge requirements of Pakistan. We have highly competitive prices and also we offer amazing prizes to our retailers.
TYN1100 Series
Number TYN1100 6kva-30kva
The powerful and intelligent TYN1100 series solar inverter is the powerful electricity backup solution ranging in capacity of 6kVA to 30kVA. TYN1100 series solar inverters manage power load with excellence with MPPT solar controller, charger, inverter, rectifier and control features such as alarm circuit. PV1:180VDC~350VDC PV2:180VDC~350VDC Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz5% Battery Voltage: 192Vdc ( 2V battery 96pcs in serial or 12V battery 16pcs in serial ) Payment terms: T/T, L/C,
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NK Serise
Number BK-NK-(3KVA-5KVA)
This NK series solar inverter features most advanced solar control, rectifier, inverter and control features. Equipped with display alarming circuit, it is available in power watt ranging from 2500W to 5000W. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz5% Payment terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union Lead time: 18 days Warranty: 1 year
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TYN33 Series
Number TYN33 10kva--200kva
The ultimate power solution in the form of TYN33 series 3-phase solar inverter is the ultimate solution for any commercial or residential entity. It offers highest specifications and ranges in capacity of 10kVA to 200kVA. The solar inverter features MPPT controller, rectifier, charger and inverter. PV1 :300VDC~600VDC PV2 :300VDC~600VDC Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz5% Battery Voltage: 360Vdc ( 2V battery 180pcs in serial or 12V battery 30pcs in serial ) Payment terms: T/T, L/C, We
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BK-TS Series
Number BK-TS Series
The BK-TS series 3 phase solar inverter is the most advanced in the line of solar inverters. It is powered in the range of 3800W to 5400W. BK-TS solar inverters are equipped with advanced MPPT control technology and state of the art rectifier, charger and inverter technology. BK-TS Series
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