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Solar Products

The power sector of Pakistan hugely suffers from the ups and downs of electricity. Every year the corporate and residential sector has to bear billions of rupees loss. Thanks to the safe, secure and high-end power backup supplies from Baykee. Our superior class solar controller range is available at the best competitive prices with most advanced features. With the best in class battery regulator our solar controllers limit and check the rate of electric current that passes to and fro the batteries. This advanced feature keeps the performance, lifetime and safety metrics up to the mark for a very long period of time.

50A/100A MPPT solar charge controller 48/192/360V
MPPT-48V 50A/100A-360V 50A/100A
The MPPT solar controllers with power ratings ranging from 50 to 100A are the perfect power surge solution. Built with advanced research the controllers offers fast charging, maintenance charging and floating charge ability. It has the rate system voltage of 48/192 and 360V. 1. Tracting efficiency more than 99.5%. 2. Warranty: 1 year. 3. LED+LCD display. 4. Transfer efficiency up 98%. 5. Use standard Modbus communication protocol
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MPPT Solar Charge Controller
The MPPT solar charge controller is ultimate battery management and controller for any solar inverter. It offers automatic recognition function with smart charging and discharging functions. Available in 15 to 40A ratings it offers 3 stage charging function for excellent battery life.
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Baykee On Grid Three Phase
INVERTER 30000-50000TL3-SE
Leading edge technology. Maximum efficiency of 99%. Compact design. Sound control. Multi MPP controller. View Datasheet
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Baykee On Grid Single Phase
Leading edge technology
  • Double MPPT tracker, MPPT tracking accuracy more than 99.5%
  • Max. Efficiency 97.9%, European efficiency 97.4%
  • Transformerless design and high power density, offer lighter and more convenient installation.
  • 5 years warranty
  • Power factor continuously adjustable
  • Flexible communication connection, support, RF, WIFI, ETHERNET
  • Company with european, australian, asian and pacific safety regulations.

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