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Solar Products

Solar panels and solar power backup systems are the best suited solution for the power surge in Pakistan. The increasing trend of solar system installation is increasing the demand of solar batteries. To cater the needs of a vast market, Baykee from China has jumped into Pakistan market. Our high end products are creating buzz in the entire world. And our finest range of solar batteries is the perfect choice for Pakistani corporate and residential sector. Our UHP series batteries are made with tin-alloy that increases the lifespan of these batteries. Also, with seal structures, precision vacuum acid filling and advanced assembly techniques, our solar batteries ensure better charge and discharge performances.

Solar Battery
Solar Battery 12v
Solar batteries with excellent load management ability and high-tin alloy grid for better solar power management and longer lifetime. The batteries are filled with precision vacuum acid filling method and eco friendly container that also boosts their work efficiency. Solar photovoltaic energy field electric wheelchairs field medical equipment field washing machines field and so on.
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GFM Series Solar Battery
12V 100ah - 12V 200ah
Applications: Solar photovoltaic energy field, electric wheelchairs field, medical equipment field, washing machines field and so on. View Datasheet
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FM Series Solar Battery
12V 7ah - 12V 200ah


UPS, Telecom Systems, Solar Systems, Power Station, Emergency Power System
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