UPS & Inverter

Single phase transformer-less online 6kva, 10kva u

Number HS-6K~HS-10K

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HS series Brief

HS series intelligent pure sine wave online UPS, the capacity can be from (1KVA~10KVA)single phase in and single phase out) , HS series congregates the essence of Baykee advanced technology and the world’s most advanced 16 -bit high speed CPU control technology and 40KHZ high frequency technology.The UPS has small volume, light weight. high efficiency,zero transfer time and pure sine wave output etc features.This series UPS adopts the most advanced interface information operation technology, the user can see the UPS operation status directly from the LCD. With digital self-detecting and protection function, the long distance monitoring can reach the international advanced level.It is the power guard for your Commercial server, PC server and peripheral, communication and internet appliance, PC and the other nicety electronic appliance.


1. Digital Design

Adopted DSP control technology and digital design topology, C UPS can be operated and maintained more conveniently.

2. A Real Green-environmental Protection Power.

The commercial power input factor correction technique is used .Under the Normal mode, UPS achieves real energy-saving by inputting harmonic less than 10% and frequency power factor above 99%. 

3. Direct Current Cold Start Function     

When battery input voltage in the range of normal voltage. By pressing the ON button ,

UPS can start up normally.

4.Alarm High-low Battery Input Voltage Protection Function

UPS alarms in case of the battery input voltage too high or too low. As the battery continuously go up or down out of the normal range, UPS will alarm and stop input or transfer to bypass mode to ensure the battery life and protect user appliance

5.Communication and Monitoring Function

Equipped with standard RS232 interface and intelligent slot. The UPS Operating and electrical parameters can be monitored through standard RS232. Through    intelligent slot status inter face he intelligent control can be flexibly configured according to different applications to users, for instance ,stem node, network, monitoring, text message

6.Output High- Low Voltage Protection

When UPS output is greater than the output over-voltage protection point or less than the output low-voltage protection point, it will shut off inverter output to bypass and automatically alarm .After all the fault removed, users can restart the machine normally.

7.Output Short Circuit Protection

When the Inverter output overloaded and short circuit ,UPS will stop output and alarm and blink continuously. After the troubleshooting, it can restart normally.

8. Overloaded Protection Function 6KVA to 10KVA                                                                           

When Overload out of ranged load in certain time ,UPS will turn off the inverter and switch to Bypass output by alarming .After the load back to normal, UPS automatically transfer back to inverter output.

9. Over-temperature Protection

When the temperature is over high or the fan work abnormally, it  will lead the main radiator temperature out of over temperature protection. At that point UPS will alarm and switch to Bypass output .Until the temperature recover normally, UPS will automatically switch to inverter output

10. Intelligent Fan Speed Control Function

According to load capability and environmental temperature, the  fan speed adjustment can  reduce the noise and prolong the service life.

Capacity 6kVA 10kVA
Power Watt 4800W 8000W
Phase Single Phase Input / Single Phase Output
Voltage Range                              0% load, 120VAC~275VAC
                                                      50% load, 150VAC~275VAC
                                                      100% load, 190VAC~275VAC
Frequency Range 46-54Hz or 56-64Hz
Power Factor 0.99
Output Voltage 220VAC ± 1% ( Battery Mode )
Frequency Range 47~53Hz or 57Hz~63Hz ( Synchronized Range ), 50/60Hz±0.3Hz ( Battery Mode )
Output Power Factor 0.8
Crest Factor 3:1
Harmonic Distortion <2% ( Linear Load )
Transfer Time AC-DC: 0ms, Inverter to Bypass: 4ms ( Typical )
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Overload Capacity 105-125%, Transfer to Bypass after 1min, 125-135%, Transfer to Bypass after 30s and disconnect output after  1min, >135%, Transfer to Bypass after 0.5s
AC Mode 89%
Battery Mode 88%
DC Voltage 192VDC 192VDC



Inbuilt Battery Capacity 12V7Ah 12V9Ah
Quantity 16 16
Charge Time 7hours charging to 90% 9hours charging to 90%
Max. Charge Current 1.0A
Charge Voltage 219.2VDC±1%
Long time Model Capacity Depending on External Battery
Quantity Depending on External Battery
Max. Charge Current 1.0A/2.0A/4.0A/6.0A
Charge Voltage 219.2VDC±1%
LCD or LED Load, Battery Capacity, AC Mains Mode, Battery Mode, Bypass Mode, Fault Indicator
Battery Mode Ring one time per 4 seconds
Battery Low Capacity Ring one time per 1 seconds
Overload ring one time per 0.5 second
Faults continue to ring



Tower Size( D*W*H) mm 248*520*616
Weight ( Kg ) 57 58.5
Long time Model Tower Size( D*W*H) mm 240*520*460
Weight ( Kg ) 19.5 21.5
Rack-mounted Size ( D*W*H ) mm 484*647*130
Humidity 20-90% RH @ 0-40℃ ( Non-condensing )
Noise <55dB @ 1M
Smart RS232 ( Optional USB ) Support Windows2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7, Linux, Unix
Optional SNMP Support SNMP card for Remote Control