UPS & Inverter

Modular UPS BKH-M1

Number G30k-G120k

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BKH-M1 series modular UPS power range 10KVA-120KVA, can be configured to 1P/1P, 3P/1P, 3P/3P, 1P/3P without derating. With the latest IGBT technology, combine with our concepts of green, environment protection, energy saving and state-of the-art design based on our independent R&D of hot-swappable technology, technical index belongs to first class. Thus, to provide our customer more flexibility, reliable, functional and affordable UPS, to meet the demand of user with best quality.


IDC(internet data center), ISP, computer room, service room,financial industry, Government and commercial project, Production line, security system, hospital etc.

M1 series Features

High efficiency up to 94.5%
Flexible configuration, can be configured to 1/1, 3/1, 3/3, 1/3
Dual power supplies
Remote monitor
Max capacity : 120KVA
Hot -swappable available
IP level : IP30

Model (full configured ) BKH-M1A BKH-M1A-G30K BKH-M1A-G60K BKH-M1A-G100K BKH-M1A-G120K
Capacity 10KVA-30KVA 10KVA-60KVA 10KVA-100KVA 10KVA-120KVA
Power module capacity 10KVA
Power module weight 14KG
Power module number(MAX) 3 6 10 12
Physical parameter        
Power module size (W*D*H) 19"*509mm*"2U
Power module weight 14KG/unit
Cabinet size (W*D*H)mm 600*800*1600 600*800*2000
Cabinet weight 180 197 245 260
Mains input(AC )        
Phase 3 phase 4 wires/single phase 2 wires+G
Voltage range 291~492V (line-line) full load;
Frequency range 30Hz~80Hz
THDi <3%
Power factor 0.995
Bypass range -10%~10% (can customized -10%~-30%, +10%~+20%)
Connection type positive and negative battery supply
Rated voltage +/- 384VDC (+/-32*12V series)
Battery number 64pcs/set
Charging current 20% * system power(battery capacity)
Output voltage 3 phase 380VAC/1 phase 220VAC +G
Voltage regulation <+/-1%
Phase lock range 50Hz/60Hz +/-5Hz;(self frequency 50Hz/60Hz+/-0.01Hz)
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz+/-0.01Hz (if phase locked then mains frequency)
Power factor 0.9
Crest factor 3:1
THDu THD<1.0% (linear load), THD<3%(non-linear load)
Three phase voltage unbalance degree alance load: 0.2%  100% unbalance load : 0.5%
Dynamic voltage transient range <2%
Transient Recorery Time 0ms
Three phase voltage deviation mains:0.1;  battery :0.1
Overload capacity 125% for 10min: 150% for 1min; >150% for 200ms (linear load)
System efficiency >94%
Environment indicator        
Noise <60dB @100%load, cooling fan adopt intelligent speed control
Display touch screen LCD+LED
Interface standard: RS232, RS485, dry contacts, SNMP card optional
Operation temperature temperature: -10C ~+40C; humidity 0%~98%; storage temperature -25C~+75C  Altitude(m): <1000, 1000m-2000m above every 100m reduce 1%
IP class IP30( Removable dust filter)
NOTES:  subject to change without further notice!