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Modular online ups power supply BKH-M5

Number BKH-M5A-T200K-T600K

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BAYKEE BKH series UPS single cabinet power range 20KVA~600KVA, can customized flexibility by loads, support 4 units in parallel. Production capability max capacity 2.4MVA, world class all digital UPS, with latest 9 leading technology, all data index have reached modular UPS standard YD/T2165-2010 class 1 standard. Its high competitive,which is your reliable power supply for all industry and your best choice.

IDC(internet data center), ISP, computer room, service room, bank,transportation,

Production line, security system, precision instruments, intelligent equipment etc.

M5 series features

Efficiency: 96%
Module operation without bypass
Battery flexibility configure(30-50pcs)
Remote monitor
Max  module capacity: 50KVA
Single cabinet power max 600KVA, can parallel 4 cabinet
Double DSP+double CPLD process, all digital control technology
Widely voltage input range (-47%~ +29%)

Model BKH-M5A-T200K BKH-M5A-T300K BKH-M5A-
Capacity 50KVA-200KVA 50KVA-300KVA 50KVA-500KVA 50KVA-600KVA
Power module capacity 50KVA
Module size(W*D*H) 19"*690mm*"3U
module weight 39KG/unit
Mains input(AC )        
Phase 3 phase +N+PE
Voltage range 291~492 V(line-line) full load; 200V~291V linearly decrease
Frequency range 35Hz~70Hz
THDi <3%(full linear load)
Power factor 0.995
Bypass range -10%~10% (can customized -10%~-30%, +10%~+20%)
Connection type positive series and negative series battery
Rated voltage +/- 240VDC (positive and negative each 20pcs*12V series), can customized
Battery number 40pcs/set (can customize 30~50pcs/set optional)
Charging current 20% * system power(battery capacity)
Output voltage 380VAC 3 phase 4 wires+PE
Voltage regulation <+/-1%
Phase lock range 50Hz/60Hz +/-5Hz;(self frequency 50Hz/60Hz+/-0.01Hz)
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz+/-0.01(turn into mains frequency if phase locked)
Power factor 0.9
Crest factor 3:1
THDu THD<2.0% (linear load), THD<3%(non-linear load)
Three phase voltage unbalance degree balance load: 0.5%  100% unbalance load : 1.5%
Dynamic voltage transient range <3%
Transient Recorery Time 0ms
Three phase voltage deviation mains:0.4;  battery :0.3
Transfer time mains to battery: 0ms;  inverter to bypass: 0ms
Overload capacity 125% for 10min: 150% for 1min; >150% for 200ms (linear load)
System efficiency >95%
Environment indicator        
Noise <70dB @100%load, cooling fan adopt intelligent speed control
Display touch screen LCD+LED
Interface standard: RS232, RS485, dry contacts, SNMP card optional
Operation temperature temperature: -10C ~+40C; humidity 0%~98%; storage temperature -25C~+75C  Altitude(m): <1000, 1000m-2000m above every 100m reduce 1%
IP class IP30( Removable dust filter)
Physical parameter        
Cabinet size (W*D*H)mm 600*800*1250 600*1100*2000 1200*1100*2000
Cabinet weight 295 305 578 600
Modules No.(Max) 4 6 10 12
NOTES:  subject to change without further notice!