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UPS & Inverter

BKH-M Series

BKH-M1 -- BKH-M5

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BKH series modularized UPS and adopts modularized design to meet the need of modern service room, while ensuring the high reliability of the system. BKH series offers various power modules and cabinet.


Small and medium-sized data/IT room, banks, securities, communication network center, automatic production line and its control system, building lighting, road lighting, electrical,industrial and mining enterprises.

  • UPS system is modular design, N+X, hot plugging for system update or capacity expansion
  • Strong load adaptability and load capacity, and excellent power grid applicability.
  • Green and energy-saving power supply; overall efficiency>95%, input power factor>0.99,input current harmonics(THDi)<3%
  • Dual DSP for independent control of power module, no single point of failure.
  • Digital control of rectification, inverter, charging and discharging via DSP.
  • Integrated and packaged IGBT instead of discrete device to greatly enhance the reliability of power module and UPS system.
  • Front panel for easy maintenance, inlet wire from top to bottom for easy connection by user
  • Large touch screen of human-machine interface, a great amount of information.
  • Independent charging system, strong charging capacity, Perfect battery management scheme.
  • Parallel connection technology of digital modules, precision circular current index.

 BKH-M Series M1-M5 datasheet : 

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