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UPS & Inverter

Transformer-based 1/1 Phase UPS 1kVA to 30kVA

MP1100 Series - (MP1101K-MP1130K)

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MP1100 series Brief

MP1100 series UPS is to adopt global most advanced DSP digital control technique, with voice call send-alerting alarming function, high-speed microprocessor(MCU), programmable logic device(CPLD), the sixth generation IGBT and static state switch are dissipation with exhausts HP high power, which enter into deduce digital ages of classic legend, bring up with the big capacity, high reliability, stability of function to reside global top-grade level.


MP1100 series UPS’s 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA upto 30kVA by means of 100% network environments adaptability, which are widely used in the network office environment of following sides such as BCS billing center of communications, BCS BTS communication station, the banking business outlets, ATM the cash dispenser, stock exchange firm, transportation, electric power, industry and any other profession vocation.


Full digital control technology and intelligent digital designing.

1. Advanced digital circuitry system to stable operation: MP1100 series UPS use advanced digital circuit system take the place of traditional artificial circuit, which under digital circuit with high speed microprocessor MCU control, to have parameter setting through programmable logic device, in order to have perfect operational management, then Self-test and self-detective analysis become more stronger.

2.Intelligent Battery Management: MP1100 series UPS import advanced intelligent Battery management system, it can automatically adjust battery charging parameter according to the user's battery configuration, and it based on the power supply environment to carry on float charging conversion, temperature compensation charge and discharge management into Battery. Moreover, MP1100 series UPS detect to manage the battery operation status through monitoring interface, which to insure the battery operated highly effectiveness. Intelligent battery management system is not only to reduce the administrator's burden, but also to extend the battery usage rate more than 55%.

3. Intelligent detection system full protect whole operation status: The system's MCU uninterruptedly detected all power status, circuit breaker status, fuse status and all other circuits working status on-line. When UPS appear failure, the detection system is immediately alarming to inform the administrator, and synchronous to start UPS overall protect function.

4. Intelligent communication tool remote monitoring: RS232 and RS485 interface realizes multi-communication and long distance monitor; With optional SNMP card 100% carries out long distance supervision and network management; With optional dry contact connection interface adopted no source point, efficiently carries out the supervision and management of UPS status.

Adopt high precision SMD technology to make complete machine precision higher.

MP1100 series has changed the traditional plug-in processing circuit craft, all of them adopt high precision SMD technology, now that it already can save space and also eliminate the defect of traditional UPS circuit, it is convenient for improving safety operation of integrated circuit, and improving the reliability and operation precision at the same time.

MP1100 series comprehensively adopt SMD technology, high temperature resistant, high accuracy, wonderful filtering performance, more stable performance of complete machine, more durable, and usage rate is increased by 80%.

Based on the sixth generation of IGBT and high-speed static switch, the reliability of technology is higher.

IGBT is in the nature of good high-speed switching characteristics, which it has high voltage and large current working characteristics, and use the voltage type drive which need very small control power. The sixth generation IGBT has lower saturation voltage drop, inverter working efficiency is more higher, low heating-up, higher reliability and other characteristic.

Adopt double conversion pure online design and high-speed static switch which over traditional technology, more stable performance.

Other features

1. Excellent load characteristics: It is completely satisfy to load from 0 to 100% load variation without switch to bypass, which to protect the output more stable and reliable.

2. Many kinds of system protection and alarming function: With the input/output over voltage and under voltage protection, input surge protection, phase sequence protection, battery overcharge and over discharge protection, output overloading short circuit protection, high temperature protection, and any other system protection with alarming function.

3. High-powered dynamic characteristics: Adopt immediate control mode and effective value kind of feedback control, realized the high dynamic adjustment, reduce the output voltage degree of distortion.

4. Optional input harmonic filter: Effectively suppress harmonic pollution, to improve the UPS input power factor, and to reduce input harmonic current

5. Optional battery process audit module: It can measure single parameter, and display it in a display panel. If any battery are failure, it immediately alarming to inform the administrator.

6. Personalized Settings: It can be setting the UPS working status on the panel according to the user demand side management. User can optional switch to UPS working mode, ECO energy conservation working mode, and EPS working mode.