UPS & Inverter

3/1 phase ups uninterrupted power supply 80kva 100

Number MP3180K-MP3120K

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MP3100 series Brief

MP3100 series on-line intelligent digital UPS agglomerates the essence of Baykee techniques and entirely break through the bottleneck technology in traditional simulation circuit age. It is to adopt the digital control technology, of which the core is high-speed MCU and programmable logic device (CPLD). It brings in the sixth generation low-exhaust and big-power IGBT module and static switch as power devices.It is really the highlights product which was guided by these most advanced technologies all over the world.


High-precision SMD technology to ensure higher precision machine.

digital control technology, fully intelligent digitization.

Barrier free man-machine conversation

Full digital and intelligent

Advanced digital circuit system

Intelligent battery management

Intelligent detection system

Intelligent communication tool

High reliability

The sixth generation IGBT

High speed static switch

High-precision SMD technology

Perfect protection


humanization great LCD screen

Intuitive LED status indicators

MODEL MP3180K MP31100K MP31120K
Capacity 80kVA 100kVA 120kVA
Power Watt 64kW 80kW 96kW
Working Principle Low Freuqency  Transformer Based True On Line-Double Conversion
Phase Three Phase
Input Power Factor Standard > 0.9 ( 6pulse Rectifier+Filter ),  Optional >0.96 ( 12pulse Rectifier+Filter)
Input Voltage Range 220/380VAC (230V/400VAC or 240V/415VAC)±25% 3P+N+PE  110V/208V (120V/220V or 277V/480VAC)
Input Frequency Range 50Hz±10% / 60Hz±10% (Selectable)
Output Ripple <2%
Soft Start 0~100% 5sec
Charging Mode Constant current, then constant voltage, and charge with temperature compensation, automatic switch Between Equalized charging and Float charging
Float Charging Voltage 405VDC
Equalized Charging Voltage 432VDC

Temp. Compensated


Charging Current 0.1C ( Automatic adjust according to battery capacity)
Type VRLA/AGM/Gel, optional Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 7~999AH settable ( Choose Battery Capacity according to Back-up Time )
Quantity 30units 12V or 180units 2V batteries (Nominal Voltage 360VDC)
Temperature 20ºC~25ºC (For Maximum Efficiency)
Phase Single Phase
Rated Voltage Rated Capacity*0.9
Nominal Voltage 220VAC (230VAC or 240VAC), 1P + N  optional 110V(120V or 277V )

Output Voltage Regulated


±1 %( Stable load), ±3%( fluctuant load)
Output Frequency Range 50Hz 60Hz<±0.5% ( Asynchronous )
Crest Factor > 3:1

Output Total Harmonic

Distortion (THD)

Pure Sine Wave, Linear Load < 3%, Non-Linear Load<5%
Dynamic Characteristics Instant voltage<±5% ( from 0 to100% ), Instant recover time<10ms
Unbalanced Load Voltage < ± 5%
Overload Capacity

At 115% load, normal work, At 125% load 10 min, At 150% load 1min, At 200% load


Inverter Efficiency >93% ( full load )
Phase Single Phase
By-pass Input Voltage 220/380VAC (230V/400VAC or 240V/415VAC)  optional 110V(120V or 277V )
By-pass Output Voltage 220VAC (230VAC or 240VAC)  optional 110V(120V or 277V )
Transfer Time 0ms( adopt static switch )
Input Protection Input voltage, frequency over limited protection, Phase fault, Phase lack
Output Protection Over current, short circuit, over voltage, low voltage
Battery Protection Over charge, over-discharge protection
Temperature Protection Environment over temperature protection, inverter over temperature protection
Hardware Fault Protection

Assistant power abnormal, breaker cut off, breaker overload, power devices over

current/over voltage etc protection

Working Environment

Temp: -10~40ºC, relative humidity: 30%~90%, Altitude<2000m ( 1% decrease

against 100 meters’ rise, max. altitude 4000m )

Communitation Interface RS232/ RS485, optional dry contact, SNMP card ( for remote control via internet )
Parallel Operation Tandem hot backup or parallel connection
Auti-surge Capacity 10/700μS, 5KV;  8/20μS, 20KA
Protection Level IP21
Safety Performance Vin-n Vout-n 2000Vac, creepage<10mA , insulating resistance>2MΩ(500VDC)
Noise (dB) 55-60
Dimension (W*D*H) mm 980*800*1800
Weight (Kg) 570 640 720