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HW Series ups


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HW series brief

HW series online outdoor base station special UPS, is the global newest period control component and more advanced software perfect combine full intelligent digital product. That series product uses the six generator low-loss large power IGBT and static switch to be power component, it fully adopt digital control technique with available online programmable high speed microprocessor(MCU), and it is the perfect performance in digital electric technique.


Completely high quality with large power UPS

Adopt digital control technique, full intelligent digital design

Advanced digital electric system super stable operation

HW series UPS with advanced digital electric system instead of traditional artificial circuit, high speed microprocessor, operation parameters available through backdoor soft-wave to set up, operational management more perfect, self-testa and self-detection more powerful. Whole procession sampling technique not only valuable to self-test and fault analysis of all independent circuit in electric panel, moreover through numeral transform into pure and stable sine wave voltage, to ensure system stable operation.

Battery intelligent management, durable and free from worry.

HW series to load advanced intelligent battery management system, can basic on user's battery setting to automatic adjust the charging parameters, and basic on power supply environment to battery with balance floating transform, temperature compensation charging and discharging management. Moreover, HW series can through monitor screen to self-detect and manage the battery operational status, to ensure battery highly efficient operated. Intelligent battery management system not only reduce the liability of Administrator, and to extend usage of battery over 55%.

Intelligent detection system whole protection

The system microprocessor uninterrupted to online detect all power status, breaker status, fuse status, and all kinds of circuit working status. When faults happened, detecting system will alarm immediately to inform of Administrator, synchronise to start UPS whole protection function.

Intelligent communicate tool remote control

RS232 and RS485 communicate port really realize multi-purpose communication and remote monitoring;

Optional SNMP card, 100% realize remote control and internet management;

Optional dry connect port, adopt no source contacts effectively realized the condition monitoring for UPS.

Adopt high precision SMD technique, whole machine highly precision.

HW series change traditional plug-in circuit process, whole adopt high precision SMD technique, since save the space, another to remove the fault code in traditional UPS electric circuit, to convenient integrated circuit safely operational, to improved reliability and operational precision.

High precision SMD technique completely cleared by the chip itself to produce a variety of high frequency signal to the other chip crosstalk, thus make the chip module can not disturbed the normal work, anti-jamming greatly improved.

HW series adopt full SMD technique, durable high temperature、high accuracy, well filter performance, whole UPS function more better, more durable and stronger the usage over 80%.

Basic with life period evaluate precise research, more save energy:

Through science life period evaluate, HW series adopt anti-aging performance by the large screen panel and fluorine carbon process case appearance, environmental protection and durability, new as usual.

Adopt available dissembling type modular design, easy maintenance and height save resources.

New eddy current fan, cooling the outstanding performance, high energy saving.

Adopt no circulation control circuit, power saving good performance.

Adopt green rectifier and inverter technology to provide users with clean energy.

Adopt advanced digital circuit and high precision SMD technique, whole UPS usage over 80%.

Basic on six generation IGBT and high speed static switch transform technique, high reliable.

IGBT well high speed static characteristic, with high voltage and large current working status, adopt voltage driver, only required very small control power; The six generation IGBT with more lower saturated step-down, inverter's working efficiency more higher, temperature rise lower, higher reliable.

Adopt double transform pure online design and high speed static switch switch-over technique, function more stable.

Super Clearly screen information processing technology, no restrict between user and UPS.

Humanized large screen LCD display in both Chinese and English.

Optional flow chart status intelligent signal directly display, tabular database, event record display, Chinese and English optional menu operation.

Directly LED status display, working flow status guild, as plain as print.

Other function advantage

Super adapt to the reliability of the environment.

HW series with characteristic under a harsh environment, stronger waterproof, dustproof, antifreeze, heat insulation and function makes it more reliable safety.

The load characteristics of superior

Completely suitable from 0%-100% load jumping, and no need to changed to bypass, and protect output stable.

Perfect protection function

With Input and Output over loss voltage protection、input surge protection、phase protection、batteries over charging and discharging protection、output overload short circuit protection、temperature higher protection and so on.

The dynamic characteristics of high performance

Adopting instantaneous control mode and the effective value and so on many kinds of feedback control, realized the high dynamic adjustment, reduce output voltage distortion degree.

Optional input harmonic filter

Effectively restrain the input harmonic pollution and improve the power factor UPS input, reduce the input of the harmonic current.

Optional battery circuit module

Optional battery inspection module can be measuring on individual parameters, and in the display board to display. If the battery failure immediately alarming, to notice the administrator.

Personalized Settings

Personalized Settings can be based on user electricity requirement to UPS to work state setting, the user can choose UPS working patterns, ECO energy conservation work patterns, EPS work patterns.

Capacity 1kVA 2kVA 3kVA
Power Watt 0.8kW 1.6kW 2.4kW
Working Principle Low Freuqency  Transformer Based True On Line-Double Conversion
Phase Single Phase
Input Voltage Range 220VAC (230VAC or 240VAC)±25% , 1P+N+PE
Input Frequency Range 50Hz±10% / 60Hz±10% (Selectable)
Output Ripple <2%
Soft Start 0~100% 5sec
Charging Mode

Constant current, then constant voltage, and charge with temperature


Float Charging Voltage 55VDC
Equalized Charging Voltage 56.8VDC
Temp. Compensated Voltage -3mV/℃/cell
Charging Current 5-10A
Type VRLA/AGM/Gel, optional Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 7~200AH settable ( Configurate Battery Capacity according to Back-up Time )
Quantity 4units 12V or 24units 2V batteries  ( Battery Voltage 48VDC)
Temperature 20ºC~25ºC (For Maximum Efficiency)
Phase Single Phase
Nominal Voltage 220VAC (230VAC or 240VAC), 1P + N
Output Voltage Regulated Accuracy ±1 %( Stable load), ±3%( fluctuant load)
Output Frequency Range 50Hz 60Hz<±0.5% ( Asynchronous )
Crest Factor > 3:1
Output Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Pure Sine Wave, Linear Load < 3%, Non-Linear Load<5%
Dynamic Characteristics Instant voltage<±5% ( from 0 to100% ), Instant recover time<10ms
Overload Capacity At 115% load, normal work, At 125% load 10 min, At 150% load 1min
Inverter Efficiency >93% ( full load )
Phase Single Phase ( P+N )
Nominal Voltage 220VAC (230VAC or 240VAC)
Transfer Time 0ms( adopt static switch )
Input Protection Input voltage, frequency over limited protection
Output Protection Over current, short circuit, over voltage, low voltage
Battery Protection Over charge, over-discharge protection
Temperature Protection Environment over temperature protection, inverter over temperature protection
Hardware Fault Protection

Assistant power abnormal, breaker cut off, breaker overload, power devices over

current/over voltage etc. protection

Working Environment

Temp: -25~55ºC, relative humidity: 30%~90%, Altitude<2000m ( 1% decrease agains

100 meters’ rise, Max. altitude 4000m )

Communitation Interface RS232/ RS485, optional dry contact, SNMP card ( for remote control via internet )
Auti-surge Capacity 10/700μS, 5KV;  8/20μS, 20KA
Protection Level IP43
Safety Performance Vin-n Vout-n 2000Vac, creepage<10mA , insulating resistance>2MΩ(500VDC)
Noise (dB) 45~50