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NK Series
Transformer Based


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NK Series Working Principle

Solar home inverter working principle: when the normal work of the solar photovoltaic controller by inverter power supply, then the input dc inverter is transformed into the pure sinusoidal alternating current output. When abnormal PV input, battery to the inverter power supply. When the battery discharge into the low voltage point, system a battery low voltage signals, and then into the grid operation mode; When solar or battery voltage, dc voltage return to set up the system signal dc output is normal, and then into the inverter running mode.( Inside the machine has two 50A built-in solar controller)
Main Features:

● Using industrial-grade intelligent design .
Pure sine wave output, suitable for TV sets, refrigerators, induction cooker, electric fans, microwave ovens, air conditioning and other household equipment .
Technical parameters are conveniently displayed on the LCD.
● Can choose LCD touch screen interface system (Optional).
● Have Intelligent agenda management function.
● Have capacity cumulative function, can view real-time accumulated generating capacity .
● Have overcharge, over-discharge, overload, short-circuit, low voltage, over heat protection function.
● Can choose mobile SMS alarming system (Optional).
● Can choose cloud data system(Optional)
● Can choose Wind & Solar Energy Hybrid power supply system (Optional).
● USB interface setting adjustment via software.
● Can setting charge voltage,current,switch-point etc through LCD.
● Have perfect protection mechanism and self starting function.

a href="" download>Download Datasheet NK Series