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Number BK-TS Series

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Specifications Model BK-TS 3600 BK-TS4600 BK-TS 5000
Input Data (DC)
Max. DC power 3800W 5000W 5400W
Max.DC voltage 600V
Start Voltage 100V
DC Nominal Voltage 360V
Pv Voltage Range 100V-600V
MPP Volatage Range 120V-550V
Max. input current per string of tracker A/tracker B 11A/11A
Mumber Of independent MPP inputs 2
Output Data (AC)  
Nominal AC output Power 3600W 4600W 5000W
Max.AC apparent Power 3600VA 4600VA 5000VA
Max. Output Current 16.4A 21.0A 22.8A
AC Nominal Voltage; Range 220V/230V/240v;180v-280v
AC Grid Frequency ;Range 50,60Hz;+5 Hz
Power Factor atRate Power 1
Power Factor 0.8leading...0.8lagging
THDI <3%
AC Connection Single Phase
Battery Type Lead-acid or Li-ion
Norminal Voltage 51.2v
Battery Capacity >=100Ah(depending requirement)
Energy 5.0 KWH
Max.Discharging /Charging Power 2500W/2500W
Charging Curve 3-stage adaptive with maintenance
Operating Voltage Range 46V-57V
Max. Charging/discharging current 50A / 50A
Backup Output  
Output rate power 3450VA,10s
Peak Power 2300VA
Output Voltage 230V+2%, 50Hz (60Hz Optional) +0.2%, THDv <3% (Linear Load)
Efficiency 97.00% 97.10% 97.10%
Max. Efficiency 95.50% 95.50% 95.50%
Euro - eta 95.50% 95.50% 95.50%
MPPT Efficiency  
Protection Devices
DC Reverse Polarity Protection yes
DC Switch Rating For Each MPPT yes
Output Overvoltage Protection-varistor yes
Grid Monitoring yes
Integrated all - pole sensitive leakage current yes
monitoring unit  
General Data  
Dimensions (W / H / D) 495/420/165mm
Weight 24kg
Operating Temperature range -25...+60c (-13...+ 140F) With Derating Above 445C ( 113F )
Noise emission (typical) < 25 dB(A)
Altitude Up to 2000m (6560ft) Without Power Derating
Relative Humidity 95%
Consumption OPerating ( Standby ) / Night <5W / <0.5 W
Topology Transformerless
Cooling Concept Natural
Environmental Protection Rating IP65
DC Connection H4/MC4
AC Connection Screw Terminal
Display LED
Interfaces: Wl-FL/USB/GPRS/RS485 Yes/yes/Opt/Opt
Warranty: 5 Years / 10 Years / 15 Years Yes/Opt/Opt