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50A/100A MPPT solar charge controller 48/192/360V

MPPT-48V 50A/100A-360V 50A/100A

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Battery Charging Stages:

Controller has a three-stage charging separately: fast charging, maintenance charging and floating charging. Through the fast, efficient and safe battery charging mode, the system can effectively extend the battery life.

A) Fast charging
Fast charging battery voltage has not reached full voltage value (i.e.balance/boosting voltage), controller MPPT charging will provide maximum solar power to charge battery. When the battery voltage reaches a preset value, there will be a maintenance charging.

B) Maintenance charging
When the battery voltage value is reached, the controller will conduct on constant voltage charging, this process will no longer be MPPT charging and the charging current also gradually declining as time goes by. Maintenance charge default duration is 0.5h, when the time reaches the set value, the system will be transferred to the floating charging..

C) Floating charge
After constant charging phase, the controller through reducing the charging current in order to reduce the battery voltage, and keeping the battery voltage in floating charge voltage set point. During float charging stage, battery charging is very weak, ensure the batteries are full charged. In the float charging stage, loads can get nearly all of the solar power. If the loads exceed solar power, the controller will not be  able to maintain float charging stage. When the battery voltage is low and then recover back to charging set value, the system will exit float charging stage, re-entering the fast charging stage.

• Advanced MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology, efficiency no less than 99.5%
• High-quality components to improve system performance, the maximum conversion efficiency can up to 98%
• Ultra-fast speed of maximum power point tracking and tracking efficiency
• Accurate identification of the peak of maximum power point tracking
• Reliable function of enter the automatic power limit maximum PV array, ensure that any conditions will not overload
• Wide range of photovoltaic array maximum power point voltage
• LCD design, dynamic display operating data and status
• With battery temperature compensation function
• Real-time power statistics logging
•Standard Mod bus communication protocol based on RS-485 bus to maximize meet different communication needs